New Paradigm of the Internet

Grabity is a public blockchain that makes it easy to deploy a large number of blockchain businesses in mobile environments.

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Why Grabity

No matter how good technology is, if people doesn’t use it, it's not a good technology. Today, a number of blockchains Mainnets are appearing and there are many applications that use them, but there are still some difficulties for users to use them. Grabity thought the blockchain was a major obstacle in the process of expanding its usability. So, Grabity wants to create an optimal network that allows users to use the blockchain freely and conveniently even in mobile environments and deliver it to their users. Grabity don't doubt that this process will make the blockchain even more usable and bring us deeper into our lives.


Software Development Kit

Existing APPs and developers will have time and money to develop and apply the blockchain independently. However, if you use the software development kit (SDK) of the Grabity, you can easily apply the blockchain to existing services. The SDK of Grabity can be applied to more than 90% of existing APP services, and the SDK language provided is as.


Planet Wallet

Planet Wallet is the official wallet of Grabity. Maximize security and availability for your users. There will also be periodic wallet updates in line with the development of the Grabity mainnet. The typical characteristics of Planet Wallet are as follows.

  • 1. NodeClient
  • 2. archiving of tokens
  • 3. Send token via mobile phone number
  • 4. interlocking exchange

  • 5. Offers the DApp Store

DApp Store

The value of the mainnet depends on how many DApp users have.

Grabity solves problems with existing wallets and secures users through SDK and highly available UI/UX.

GRABITY SDK provided
With SDK, traditional APP and development companies
are easily participate in the DApp Store.
Easy-to-use UI/UX

To existing application users Provide
familiar UI/UX to increase usability.
Diverse DApp Service
Various categories
and rankings are provided.

Token Distribution

Token Allocation
Use of funds

Road Map

2018 Q4

Winner of World's First BlockChain Survival
"Block Battle"

2019 Q1

Smart contract Deploy
ERC20 based Token issue
Grabity Pre-Sale

2019 Q2

Grabity Public-Sale
Listing of exchange

2019 Q3

Planet Wallet Launching
Network Layer Development

2019 Q4

Data Layer Development

2020 Q1

Consensus Layer Development

2020 Q2

Application Layer Development
Toolkit & SDK Development
Block Explorer Development

2020 Q3

Testnet Launching
Management Layer Development

2020 Q4

Mainnet Launching

2021 Q1

DApp Store Launching

The GBT distributed to the Grabity Team will be settled through 2 years and we promise to carry out the Grabity project faithfully
There is no separate lock-up period after the distribution of tokens, which applies equally to bonus volumes. (Even if you purchase at the same stage, the timing of token distribution may differ depending on the time of purchase.)
Each sale stage can be closed early and there may be a change in schedule.
Cryptocurrency is not legalized as in reality currency. Cryptocurrency is also available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and there are no limits to the price, which can change diversely and dramatically due to changes in markets, economy and regulations around the world. Cryptocurrency Investment does not guarantee gains and losses that are attributed to you, so please refrain from unreasonable investments and make a careful decisions.