• Jangwon Lim

    Jangwon Lim

    Founder & CEO

    Grabity's father. Graduated from Seoul Science High School and majored in biotechnology at Indiana State University in the U.S. as a 10th year entrepreneur in IT security, consulting and trade."It's the most attractive art to be good at business," said Andy Warhol, who dreams of becoming an artist who makes new works with his teammates.

  • Junho Lee

    Junho Lee

    Co-Founder & COO

    Since he was interested in start-up in his early 20s, started his business career when he was a student at Soongsil University. In 2017, joined the company as a founding member of 300celebs, an influence chat app, and was responsible for operation, marketing, and planning. Later, being attracted by the appeal of the blockchain, the Grabity Project was launched, and is now in charge of the overall operation of Grabity.

  • Eddie Bak

    Eddie Bak

    Co-Founder & CTO

    Firmly believe that IT services, which are new, meaningful, and fun, are increasing their chances of success based on a number of failure experiences in the startup industry, which has become attracted to changing the world. Always felt a lack of development, so I have feelings of affection and grateful that I can spend a day as a developer today. Participated in the design and development of services such as fashion style suggestions and shared social media (magazine look), emergency notification applications (smart silver lining), and late-night car wash management solutions (washerman) for apartments.

  • Jacob Park

    Jacob Park

    Develop Lead

    Majored in medical engineering. Since I was a student, entered the current business and worked as a developer. Possible to develop android apps, IOS apps, java, php, javascript, etc. Main construction was in charge of developing the SK Telecom IOT product Petfit through Android app and heterogeneous communication. Since then, the company has developed Android apps such as cash balls and chiffons, and IOS apps. Currently leading the development team as head of the development team.

  • Keunyeong Yun

    Keunyeong Yun

    Software Engineer

    Graduated from the IT department of the Ministry of Information and Communication. Started as a front-end developer and has experience in creating ERP systems from platform builders. Joined the Grabity Team in 2018 with interest in blockchain technology. Retention techniques include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Vue.js.

  • Se-il Jeong

    Se-il Jeong

    Software Engineer

    Although majored in law, started studying as a developer because curious about the IT industry. Starting with HTML and CSS, focusing on PHP and Javascript. During the process of website and native app development, the company was responsible for developing Restful API server using website publishing and PHP and is currently working on a project using Vue.js and Node.js.

  • JeongHyun Choi

    JeongHyun Choi

    Android Developer

    Studied development by myself for two years because I couldn't solve the question of development by school alone. Mainly developed Android platform and developed Mobile Wallet that can exchange token using testnet because it is interested in blockchain Eiderum platform.

  • Kyusong Moon

    Kyusong Moon

    iOS Developer

    Since I was a student, I have become interested in programming with various experiences such as game programming, media art, 3d modeling, micro controller. I try to develop a single line of code with care - as Grady Booch said, “Clean code reads like well-written prose.” I have experience in developing applications that visualize footprint low-pressure sensor data from a wearable device company.

  • Dona Kang

    Dona Kang

    Design Lead

    Majored in Digital Art, a department of media creation. Career in performing media art, stage video, and field operator. Attracted to platform construction and studied UI design and Html / Css / Javascript to build various works for platformcompany. In 2018, Became a member of Grabity. Currently, working on design such as Wallet, Block Explorer, and DApp.

  • Jack Lee

    Jack Lee

    Chinese Marketing Manager

    Three years of experience in the development department of China's Nike OEM company, and has experiences such as exchange of Korean, Chinese, and other activities. Joined Grabity, interested in blockchain technology, and responsible for Chinese and overseas marketing sales. Developing blockchain overseas markets that are part of communication with China.

  • Ji Choi

    Ji Choi

    Marketing Manager

    Ji Choi is a blockchain enthusiast dreaming a true decentralized world. His journey to a true decentralized world, fueled by creative visions from various experiences, is constantly moving forward.


  • Hajin Jhun

    Hajin Jhun

    Chairman of the Blockchain Association

    From 1998 to 2001, served as the CEO of HAMCOM, and as the 19th National Assembly member in 2012, and now serves the development of blockchain industry as the chairman of the self-regulation committee of the Blockchain Association.

  • Leo Liu

    Leo Liu

    President of IDCM

    Leo was previously an ultra high net worth director at UBS. He has 10 years experience in asset allocation for wealth management, fund establishment and equity investments. Leo holds a DBA from Grenoble École de Management, France. He is currently the president of the IDCM Exchange.

  • Duksoo Kim

    Duksoo Kim


    Over 20 years of experience in IT and security services. Currently in charge of CTO of AMO team that wants to utilize blockchain and establish a platform that shares values of vehicle data.

  • Minwoo Nam

    Minwoo Nam


    Over 17 years of IT development experience and is currently the Head of Blockchain Development, Assistant Director of Cloudbrick Project.

  • Junwoo Kang

    Junwoo Kang


    Samsung Electronics has developed EMS web front and backend, and obtained algorithmic professional rating. As a co-founder of Hexlant, responsible for the development of Token Bank and Hexbp, and is involved in various developments.

  • Sunghyun Moon

    Sunghyun Moon


    Over 13 years has been in IT-based service and solution business, and has worked for Pentasecurity. Currently, director of strategic business at X Block Systems and is developing multi-dimensional blockchain platform and ASTON Foundation platform.

  • Harold Kim

    Harold Kim


    Harold brought his experience with HSBC Global Banking to blockchain industry and founded Korea based blockchain platform HSBitC. Since 2017, Harold advised 50+ ICO partners with strategies and business development which resulted in over USD1,000,000,000 in total funding.

  • Martin Kim

    Martin Kim


    He graduated from Seoul National University, College of Medicine, Ph.D., and has established Global KYC and AML solution company, UseB, together with financial experts and security experts. Currently working as a compliance specialist for global cryptographic exchanges and projects.


  • genesis

    China's leading financial investment firm, Genesis Group, is composed of Genesis Capital, Genesis Lab and Genesis Investment Bank. Genesis shows active movements in the blockchain industry, including funds, incubation and investment.

  • hexlant

    Hexlant has a wide range of know-how, including the nation's first ICO investment platform and token bank that provides the most airdrop wallet services, blockchain reselling, and context development and safety verification.

  • pentasecurity

    Penta Security System is an information security company that provides web firewall, cryptographic platform (data encryption), authentication security (SSO), gland security, and IoT security solutions.

  • bitsonic

    Bitsonic, the country's first exchange of transaction fee revenue, holds assets in a total of seven strong security certification steps, and also offers a simple purchase service that allows the public to easily participate in token sales.

  • astera

    ASTERA leverages IoT devices for biometric data blockchains to provide blockchain services to collect, analyze and manage health data of individuals changing from day to day.

  • tuda

    Providing a decentralized universal educational platform, TUDA is a blockchain project aimed at providing quality personalized education services by certified teachers by submitting their own learning materials and curricula to the blockchain.

  • block crafters

    Block Crafts is Korea′s largest global distributor specializing in blockchain, targeting startups that develop services using blockchain technology. It focuses on implementing blockchain technology and commercializing the business, and provides technical advice and review and smart contact, promotion and content strategies, networking at home and abroad, and support for global advancement.

  • hsbitc

    HSBitC is a Korea based blockchain platform helping projects in ICO & STO to reach their full potential with our rich experience. In 2018, HSBitC partners have collected over USD 1,000,000,000. HSBitC provides accelerating to strategic advisory services as well as full KYC & AML compliance process. HSBitC carefully selects partnerships to present the users with only the best projects.

  • WXY Group

    WXY Group is a Singapore-based turn-key global marketing and consulting service for crypto projects. Founded by Peter Yu, its business includes brand consulting, global media promotion and FA. WXY is composed of marketing and professional teams including former Ogilvy and Mather, 36kr, Citibank and JP Morgan personnel. WXY’s largest investor is Huobi, the most secure digital currency trading marketplace. Since its establishment, WXY has served more than 40 blockchain projects such as TRON, Taxa, GSE, PCHAIN, Huobi, APEX, Coinsuper, HMS, Cobo, Lucidity, Abelian Coin, Cardstack, FanX, Nebula Genomics, GGC, Alphaslot, Hedera Hashgraph etc.

  • ZB Capital

    ZB Capital is an investment organization focused on blockchain. To invest, incubate and cooperate with high quality blockchain projects, and to integrate available resources, expand industry ecology, join global partners, link up the upstream and downstream industrial chains, promote the development of the whole block chain industry technology frontier innovation.


    Blockcloud aims to reinvent the roads on which modern applications drive on. It is a blockchain-based advanced TCP/IP that improves and upgrades the existing Internet. Combining the advantages of blockchain and Future Internet technology, it reconstructs the technology layers below where current blockchain networks and Internet applications operate. Blockcloud serves as the “building block” to provide constant connectivity for dynamic networks. It will provide better mobility, credibility, incentives, security, fairness, and scalability to upper-layer applications.


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